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SMS Enabler Features

  • Uses a GSM or 3G modem or dongle, connected to a computer, to receive SMS messages and send replies. The modem/dongle can be connected to a PC via USB, Bluetooth or RS232 (COM port). Some of the feature phones can be used too. Android or Apple smartphones are not supported.
  • Supports automatically dispatching received SMS text messages to a web server via HTTP, so those messages can be handled by a server-side script. The script can be written in any web programming language, such as PHP, ASP.NET and so forth. Secure HTTP (HTTPS) is also supported. Read more...
  • Supports automatic saving of incoming SMS text messages to a database, in real-time. Supports MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle databases, as well as other databases through ODBC or OLE DB drivers. Read more...
  • Allows incoming SMS messages to be automatically saved into a text/CSV file, or multiple files, for real-time processing and logging. Three modes are supported: a) 'single file'; b) 'file per day'; and c) 'file per message'. Read more...
  • Support automatic forwarding of received SMS messages to other phone numbers with optional filtering by the original SMS message sender's number and contents. Read more...
  • Supports automatic forwarding of received SMS text messages as email messages to one or more addresses using the SMTP protocol. Messages can be forwarded to different email addresses depending on the content of the message and/or the sender's number.
  • Supports automatic SMS message reply to the sender. The reply message text can be predefined in the settings, or generated dynamically by a web script.
  • Supports automatically dispatching SMS messages to a Telegram (messenger) channel with optional filtering by the SMS sender's number and contents. Read more...
  • Designed to run continuously without user intervention.
  • Automatically reconnects to the modem/dongle upon loss of connection.
  • Supports long (linked/concatenated) messages.
  • Supports Unicode SMS messages.
  • Logging.
  • Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10, and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.
  • Supports running in Linux using WINE compatibility layer. Read more on running it in Linux.