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SMS to Email

Automatically forward incoming SMS messages to Email with SMS Enabler. Define filter conditions to forward received SMS messages to different email addresses depending on the content of the message and/or the sender's number.

SMS Enabler allows you to receive SMS messages and automatically forward them to email in real time.

Configuring SMS Enabler for SMS-to-Email Forwarding

To use the SMS-to-email feature, you need to have an email account that supports email transfer via SMTP. Configure SMS Enabler to forward incoming SMS messages as emails using that account. The address of that account will appear as the "From: " address of such emails. It can be a free email account (such as GMail), a business account, etc.

Specifying Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Parameters

Open the Settings dialog box and go to the SMS to Email tab page. Specify the SMTP server address and port. If your SMTP server requires authentication, check the Server requires authentication checkbox, and specify the account name (user name) and password.

Using GMail as Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

Open the Settings dialog box and select the SMS to Email tab.
Set Server to smtp.gmail.com and Port to 465 or 587; also check the Server requires a secure connection checkbox.
Use your full gmail address in Account name.
Specify an app password in Password. The app password is a 16-character passcode which you generate in your gmail Google account. It is not your regular gmail password. See here how to create an app password. Note that to generate an app password your gmail Google account must have 2-step verification turned on.

Specifying Outgoing Mail Message Parameters

Open the Settings dialog box and go to the SMS to Email tab page.

SMS to Email tab page

Specify the address of the outgoing email account in the From field. Specify the subject of emails in the Subject field. Note that you can use the "%sender" keyword in the Subject field, which will be replaced with the sender's phone number in email messages. You can also use the "%imei" and "%imsi" keywords, which will be replaced with the IMEI number of the modem used by SMS Enabler and its SIM card's IMSI number respectively.

Adding Recipients

Add recipient email address(es) to the list of recipients. Click the Recipients button on the SMS to Email tab to open the Recipients dialog box, where you can edit the list.

Add recipients

Note that you can specify multiple addresses separated by commas on the same line of the list. This can be convenient if you are going to use the same filter condition for multiple addresses (or if you are not going to use filters for these addresses at all).

Adding Filter Conditions

You can define filter conditions for recipients. Filters are defined for each recipient individually (i.e. for each line in the list of recipients).

Only those SMS messages that meet at least one filter condition are emailed. If no filter conditions are defined for a particular address, then all SMS messages are emailed to that address.

You can filter received SMS messages by the sender's number, by the content of the message, or both. To add a filter condition click Add in the Filter condition group box.

Add filter conditions

In the Add filter dialog box, specify the filter condition for the sender's number and/or message contents. If you specify conditions for both of these criteria, you can specify Filter strictness, i.e. whether received SMS messages must meet both sender number and message content filter conditions to be emailed, or if just one condition is sufficient.