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Sending Reply SMS Messages

SMS Enabler can be configured to automatically send reply SMS messages back to the sender. The text of reply messages can be predefined in the settings, or generated dynamically by a script running on a local or remote web server.

Predefined Replies

To configure SMS Enabler to send predefined replies, open the Settings dialog box, select the Reply SMS tab, and select Predefined text as the source of the reply messages' text. Enter the reply message text in the edit box.

Dynamic Generation of Replies

Dynamic generation of reply message text is done in conjuction with the SMS-to-web-server forwarding feature.

Here's how it works:

  1. After receiving a new SMS message, SMS Enabler dispatches it to your script running on a web server.
  2. Your script sends an HTTP response containing a reply message back to SMS Enabler.
  3. SMS Enabler sends the text contained in the HTTP response back to the sender as a reply SMS message. It is possible to send the reply to a different phone number (or numbers).

To implement dynamic generation of reply messages you should:

  • Create a script and install it on your web server.
  • In the Settings dialog box, select the SMS to Webserver  tab and enable and set up SMS-to-web-server forwarding.
  • In the Settings dialog box, select the Reply SMS tab and set HTTP response content as the source for reply message text.

See more details on how to create a script and on SMS-to-web-server forwarding.