Using AT&T modems with SMS Enabler

This page describes how to configure SMS Enabler for use with AT&T GSM/3G/4G modems manufactured by Sierra Wireless, such as AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G or AT&T AirCard 313U and so on. Also, this applies to other (non-AT&T) modems manufactured by Sierra Wireless.

a) Install your modem driver. Next, plug the modem into your computer.

b) In the Connect using list in the Connection tab in SMS Enabler's Settings, select the COM port that has '(Sierra Wireless Modem)' appended to its name.

c) The AT&T connection utility must not be running. If it is running you must quit it.

d) The Baud rate parameter in the Connection tab in SMS Enabler's Settings should be set to 115200 (which is its default value).