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Supported Modems and Phones

Below you will find a partial list of the phones and modems that have been successfully tested with SMS Enabler.
Note: this is not a full list of supported phones/modems, just a list of the devices that have been tested. If your phone/modem is not in this list, this does not mean that it is unsupported. You can test your phone/modem with the trial version of SMS Enabler to determine if it is supported or not.

3G/4G USB modemsTested 3G and 4G USB MODEMS (aka internet usb dongle/stick/key)

ZTE MF190, MF193, MF180, MF622, MF667, MF668, K3772-Z, MF112, MF100, K3570-Z, K3565-Z, MF636, MF626
Huawei E1820, E369, CE979, E173, E303, E1612, E1550, E353, E1750, K3772, K3765, K3520, EG162G, E156B, E156G, E153, E169, E220, E272, E1552, K4605, K4505
AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G, AT&T AirCard 313U (How to use AT&T modems)
Sierra AirCard 313U, 880U, Sierra Wireless USB 306
AT&T wireless modems based on Sierra Wireless modems
TP-Link MA180
Maxon Minimax USB-6280U

GSM modemsTested GSM MODEMS

Wavecom Fastrack, Wavecom Multiband 900e 1800
Siemens TC35, TC35i, TC65, TC65i, MC35i, MC39i, MC45, MC75
Fargo Maestro
Audiotel Industrial Base GSM, Audiotel Industrial Plus GPRS
Simcom SIM300, SIM508

PhonesTested PHONES

Nokia 6310i, 6230, 6021, 6233, 2760
SonyEricsson D750, G502, K310, K320, K510, K550, K750, K800, K810, P990, T630, T700, W200, W300, W380, W550, W580, W700, W810, W910
Samsung SGH-D500, SGH-D880, SGH-D900i, SGH-E250i, SGH-E830, SGH-T459, F480, B2100, M2710, GT-S5233A
Motorola RAZR V3
Siemens C55, ME45


Sierra Wireless SL6087
Option GlobeTrotter GPRS PCMCIA Card
SonyEricsson GC89, PC300
Novatel Expedite EU870D MiniCard